About Us

I live in the Dorset countryside not too far from the sea, with my family, goats, horses, dogs, chickens and cats. The goats have a paddock and stables next to the cottage and a field across the lane.

I milk the girls once daily, something I never tire of. It may be cold but I always enjoy milking. The goat shed is a calm and tranquil place to be, the girls seem to enjoy the routine and know when it is their turn to be milked, I don’t need to use collars or tie them up. The cats sit beneath the milking stand waiting for their drop of milk!

I use the milk to make my soap and to sell as raw milk, popular for those keen to improve their own health and immune system.

At present we cannot produce enough milk to satisfy demand. Each year two or three of the girls have kids, always an exciting time, so my small herd expands a little. My aim is to breed quality goats who can look forward to a good future.

I never use any chemicals on their grazing or hay. I do use homeopathy and an abundance of herbs in their diet, keeping the goats healthy and able to provide plenty of rich creamy milk.

The girls travel to shows and milking competitions to promote the Maycottage name, and have also enjoyed celebrity status at local schools “Heidi” mornings!

I’ve been handmaking my goatsmilk soap for some years and it’s very much enjoyed by all who use it, particularly those with sensitive skins. Customer feedback has remained positive as sales grow steadily- the Maycottage website has proved extremely popular!

My soap has no chemical additives, artificial fragrances or colours. It has not been tested on animals and the recipe has been checked by a registered chemist and given a safety certificate.

I’m proud to have created the Maycottage Goatsmilk Soaps brand as a small honest independent business, hand-making quality products from ethically sourced natural ingredients to sell at affordable prices. The added bonus is that everyday, I get to do a job I love!