Yeovil Show

Yeovil Show

Third in the milking competition! Well done Pascha!!

2017 babies

2017 babies, Lark and Linnet

We have some new babies!  Lark and Linnet born April 24th 2017 to mum Lupin!

Not quite “As seen in Tatler”


I was contacted by the society magazine Tatler about an advertising feature they were preparing. Unfortunately it was way too expensive for my marketing budget but I was delighted that they thought my soaps would appeal to their readership!

Feral Cat Task Force update one year on

Feral Cat

11167787_945997928848380_6276119792096783102_oThe Really Wild Sisters, Smoke and Flame are really quite tame now and have been joined by a black and white boy called Jack. He found us and although I tried to re-home him, he came back, so now he’s here to stay.

Of the 3 Amigos who came as adult ferals from the Cat’s Protection League – Uno is a bit scared of Jack and has chosen to live in the fields, dine on rabbit and sunbathe on my neighbours patio.

Dos disappeared as soon as he was let out one year ago, but has been spotted coming in for food lately!

Tres, initially scared off by Jack is getting braver and will come and find me when he is hungry, most days.

Not a sniff of any mice in the stables, these cats are worth it , and are always entertaining!


May Cottage

May Cottage

Loving my new slate house sign, that’s the gorgeous Honeybee in the corner. I’m especially glad the etching is golden, just like Honeybee herself!

Dorset Etsy Fair Wimborne

Dorset Etsy Fair

We had a successful day at the Dorset Etsy Fair in Wimborne’s Allendale Centre. It was lovely to have new customers buying soaps, not just for Christmas presents but as a treat for themselves, and I had a lot of comments on how prettily the soaps were packaged.

My new “blackboard” signs worked well- it makes buying much easier when everything is clearly labelled, and lots of people helped themselves to the newly printed Maycottage leaflets. I treated myself to an embroidered beret from Beau Xoxo, so all in all it was a really great day!

“Heidi Project” school morning

"Heidi Project" school morning

Back in July, Ailsa and I took Lupin and Pascha to Hillbourne school in Poole to support the “Heidi ” project that the children were working on. I don’t think any of them had met a goat before, they asked a lot of questions. The children and teachers were dressed as Heidi or Peter as you can see. It was a hugely successful visit, the goats were petted by 120 little hands! We have been invited to go back next year, maybe there’s another career for the goats here!



Goodbye Coral & Dazzle, welcome Honeybee & Treasure

Goodbye Coral & Dazzle

Coral and her daughter Dazzle have gone to live on the Isle of Wight, offering a fresh breeding line to a new goat enterprise.

Honeybee is Coral’s daughter and she’s come back to live with us after a very successful showing career. She brought her friend Treasure with her to stay for a few weeks while she settles in.


No Smoke without Fire!

No Smoke without Fire!

Extra members on the payroll this summer at Maycottage are Smoke and Flame, two feral farm kittens who spent their first weeks hiding under bales of straw. They gradually found their feet and have become very inquisitive, enjoying a treat of fresh milk after evening milking. They’re also EXCELLENT mousers!



Melplash Show

Melplash Show

A winning rosette and £10 prize money for Maycottage Miracle who won her class at Melplash Show, Bridport in August! After being so poorly when she was born, Miri is growing into a fine young lady!

The debate on Palm Oil

Palm Oil

I use palm oil in my soap because it makes a better soap. It gives hardness and retains scent well.

The palm oil I use comes from a company called Cargill which owns plantations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and they carry the Green Palm certificate. They were one of the earliest members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and they work with the World Wildlife Fund to protect wildlife.

Approximately half of packaged products in the supermarket will contain palm oil. Did you know that the following products contain palm oil?


It can be listed in many different ways, for example;

Vegetable oil/fat, stearate, stearic acid, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerol, amongst others.

As consumers, it is very difficult to avoid palm oil altogether.

Palm oil provides approximately four times as much oil as other plants. If we stopped using palm oil and chose another, much more rain forest would have to be destroyed to accommodate a crop which would need four times the space to supply the equivalent amount of oil. Palm oil isn’t really the problem, it is us, the consumer. We can help change things by supporting companies who source their oil responsibly. You can find out who does or doesn’t easily, Google it!

To me, boycotting palm oil solves nothing.

It is more effective to support the producing companies who are actively making changes in supporting sustainability. These companies will be part of the “Green Palm “ scheme and members of  RSPO. They have a voice, and can bring about change  more effectively .

I am pleased to say that Cadbury use Green Palm certificated oil in their products and so to support them I will eat much more chocolate!


Wimborne Food Festival

We had a fabulous day at Wimborne Food Festival with the Anonymous Travelling Market. A lovely atmosphere, live music, lots of great stalls and a lot of people buying soap!

The Corn Exchange, Blandford


2nd & 4th Fridays of the month, a regular craft market selling quality goods locally made. You can always stock up on Maycottage Soaps here!




Maycottage Miracle

Maycottage Miracle is the newest member of the herd. Born at the end of June she had a tough start as her mother’s colostrum was not good enough quality to support her immune system.

After some serious illness Miri has pulled through and is now doing really well. She has a lovely character and has quite a fan club!