Here are some of the comments people have passed on to me.

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“My favourite soaps and the only ones I use” Jean S.

“Love your soaps” A.S.

No wonder you’re sold out, its the best soap around” C.B.

Looking forward to using my Lavender soap later, your soaps are amazing” Sue B.

Thank you for sharing your lovely soaps and lots of helpful information. Lovely to meet you.” Jo H.

Excellent products, tried and tested!” C.B.

Have always washed my little girls hair with Maycottage soap right through from new born to now 17 months old.We only use Maycottage soap and my daughters hair and skin is beautiful . Cannot express what difference it has made to B*****” Jade R.

I would point out here that although the soap is not intended for hair it still seems to work well. This child had a lot of skin problems from very early on, the soap really helped.